signs that you fall in love! <3 miss him/her even after you met him/her. think of him/her before you sleep.
3.when you wake up,you think of him/her.
4.when him/her smile at you,your heartbeat faster. listen to a love/slow songs and think of him/her. read again and again his/her conversation many times.
7.when you and him/her together,you become nervous/shy and you don't want the time end. smile when you hear message tone,receive a message and hope it's him/her. want to have some interest with him/her. can't stay mad at him/her more than a minute or two.actually you try hard to mad. will walk very slow when you with him/her.
12.when he/she call or just listen to his/her voice,you will smile suddenly.
13.when you look at him/her,you can't see other people surrounding only see him/her. will get high by the smell of him/her. realize that your smiling yourself whenever you think of him/her.
16.when you read this,in your mind is him/her whole time!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha!!! kena kat hang! uhuhu...copy paste from post blog siew wei! mengong! trasa,, xP!

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